Durban, South Africa: Strategic Plans and Successes

Durban, South Africa: Strategic Plans and Successes

Durban_2015_1Name: Vibe Caitanya Das
Role: Temple President
Temple/ Project name: ISKCON Durban
Region: South Africa
City: Durban
Country: South Africa
Congregation Size: 1000

The South Afrian temple in Durban adopted strategic planning to help them achieve fifteen different goals in 2015! Following are some graphic representations of their results in 2015 and their goals for 2016. I interviewed Vibhu Caitanya prabhu about the strategic planning efforts and successes in the Durban temple, South Africa.

Subhananda das: Please tell us about experiences utilising strategic planning.

Vibhu Caitanya das: Strategic planning is helping us in many ways. It gives us direction. It enables us to measure our progress. And it makes us accountable to ourselves.

S: Please tell us about your success in utilising strategic planning for your project, temple or region.

VC: We used the methods of strategic planning for the first time in 2015, and for the first time we were able to measure the our effectiveness of our projects.

S: How has strategic planning assisted you in your project, temple or region?

VC: Strategic planning has helped us to improve our focus, and it has given us a concrete way of measuring our success.

S: What inspired you to utilise strategic planning?

VC: You did!

S: Have you had any training in or exposure to strategic planning?

VC: No.

: When did you come to learn about or your first contact with strategic planning?

VC: 3 years ago.

S: Might it have been at one of the ILS’s or other training seminars arranged by the GBC?

VC: Yes.

S: How long have you been utilising strategic planning?

VC: One Year.

S: Please tell us your realization of Srila Prabhupada as a Strategic Thinker:

VC: Srila Prabhupada was always strategic in his thinking, and yet he was at the same time flexible.

S: Do you have a favorite Prabhupada pastime that inspires you to be strategic in your role as a leader?

VC: Yes, his kirtan on the park bench in Thompkins S
quare Park in New York.

S: Tell us of the challenges you experienced utilizing strategic planning and how did you overcome them?

VC: We converted operational needs to strategic needs. Using strategic planning, the approach to problems gets more formal, and more people to buy into to the programDurban_2015_2

S: I the long run what do you think are the benefits of adopting strategic planning?

VC: Strategic planning enables the community to work cohesively towards the same direction. It improves our ability to meet long term objectives rather than immediate short term needs.

S: Do you recommend strategic planning to your follow leaders, and why?

VC: Yes, there can only be good coming from it.

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