4. Evaluate Phase


“We shall judge the thing by its result, not by its means…Now tax your brain to create programs for engaging the wider and wider classes of population in Krsna Consciousness.”  Letter to: Damodara, Bombay, India, 9 January, 1973

The purpose of the evaluate phase of the strategic planning process, is to:

  • Collect data on the different strategic measures on a regular and systematic basis and to consolidate these;
  • Analyze the data, derive trends, produce report and communicate these to the relevant structures on a regular basis;
  • Review reports, hold regular strategic planning review meetings to review the performance and discuss corrective actions that might lead to changes to the action plan or the overall strategic plan for the project, temple or region; and
  • Identify areas for improvement in our strategies and propose changes to the Strategic Plan.

Project leaders need to regularly evaluate their own actual performance and the performance of those they work with against the plan. Then they should be prepared to make adjustments, as required. Holding regular, quarterly meetings for this purpose also reinforces the idea that strategic planning plays a valuable role in the life of the project and help it become an integral part of your project’s culture.