Who is SPS?

A support unit of the GBC Strategic Planning Team

Our main purpose:

  • To provide education, facilitation, assistance and advisory services to ISKCON leaders looking for support in their strategic planning endeavors;
  • To inspire strategic planning amongst our leaders as a tool to bring about change to ensure ISKCON continues and grows as envisaged by His Diving Grace A.C. Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada.

Services offered by SPS

  • Advice on an appropriate approach and project structure to facilitate the development and execution of strategic plans;
  • Facilitate Strategic Planning sessions;
  • Develop strategic plans for ISKCON zones, countries, regions, temples and projects;
  • Conduct organizational and environmental scanning, interpretation and use of those scans;
  • Seek new and innovative ways to advance ISKCON’s mission;
  • Training, Coaching and education in strategic planning;
  • Carry out, where practical, on the job training within the zone, region or temple environments; and
  • Presenting and screening webinars and videos via the world wide web.

Our SPS Team:

  • Achuthamurari dasa (Trivandrum/Tirupati, India)
  • Adi-Kurma dasa (Toronto, Canada)
  • Aradhita Radhika dasi (Dubai,United Arab Emirates)
  • Dhananjaya Pandit das (Rimini, Italy)
  • Hari dasa (Pietermaritzburg, South Africa)
  • Sakshi Gopala dasa (Pune, India)
  • Smara-hari dasa (Durban, South Africa)
  • Subhananda dasa (Durban, South Africa) – SPS Convener

The SPS team is here to serve you. Contact the SPS team at: